Pure black and white as I said earlier can feel cold, but with the off whites and billowing mound of pillows this space has managed to combine pure and comfort.

Polka Dots

Polka Dots are fun and timeless, and when done well can feel sophisticated and quite mature.

Grey Scale

A monochromatic grey scale room can be striking and relaxing in a bedroom.  Textures are layered and balanced, and the comfortable rustic elements all play a role in what brings this space together.


A stripe can add a whole new dimension to a room when done in a bold black and white stripe. It brings a certain pizazz of life, along with the naturally Kelly green.


Pure black and white can have the tendency to feel hard and cold.  Adding a warm golden hominy color to mix gives it a nice touch of warmth.


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Kansas City Designer: Vanessa Neal


Vanessa Neal, owner of Cotton Duck Design Studio, is one of the few Kansas City remodeling contractors to have a background degree in interior design, not to mention also a woman. She has proven herself capable of the field, being publish only months after starting her own firm, and being recognized as an asset to the field by KCHG magazine. She has a cunning ability to stay ahead of the curve; using a fresh, modern and innovative approach to the construction process and overall design. Read more about Vanessa Neal and Cotton Duck Design Studio.

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